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Shannon Schöttle

Team Lead Sales & Business Operations

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About me

Hi, I am Shannon.  I joined Matchory in 2023 as Business Operations Manager.

Previously having worked within the e-commerce industry as a Business Development Manager, I am a big fan of both structure and thinking out of the box by allowing my creative side to the forefront of decision making.

I'm bilingual, growing up with both English and German roots, I've seen and experienced many sides of the world and constantly exploring new cities and places to live, which has lead me to become more interested in impact driven industries.

A typical working day as Team Lead Sales & Business Operations at Matchory

I'm a big fan of showing up for myself before the work day starts. On a day to day this means waking up early going for a run or working out. I'm a morning person so my work day starts relatively early, checking off to dos before everyone begins. My objective is to make sure that everyone has what they need to make their day to day successful, I'm a big fan of big wins, but the little ones often count the most. My position allows me to be quite fluid and offers a variety of impactful roles, from sales to customer success to working together with the product development team.

Activities that make me loose track of time

Matchory across the past months has allowed me to open new doors for self development while also catering towards exploring those areas where my strengths lie in. Offering many ways of diving into an array of fields by becoming a Team Lead for the Sales & Business Operations side of the business, constantly growing and optimising both interest driven areas and areas which allow me to face new challenges.

My perfect weekend

I'm a runner on the one side and on the other constantly in the search for the best coffee. Its all about the balance between being out and about and being able to relax with a good coffee in hand. I'm constantly setting my self new personal goals whether it is a reading challenge, running a Marathon or picking up a new hobby. Last year I ran NYC Marathon, this year I will be training for Berlin Marathon to keep up the balance in the day to day.

My favorite quote

“March to the beat of your own drum”